Bourbon Bread Pudding-Vanilla Bread Pudding soaked in double-oaked Kentucky Bourbon
Bluegrass-Delicate fresh grass with citrus and floral notes
Christmas in Kentucky-A Holiday Blend of citrus, red berries, balsam and cinnamon
Derby Pecan Pie-Toasted pecans and rich dark chocolate
Fresh Cut Tulip-Pink tulip petals, rosewood & white lilies
Honeysuckle-Dewy, fresh honeysuckle nectar
Kentucky Sunrise-Morning citrus & fresh mountain berries Kentucky Christmas Tree-Bright citrus notes blended with with cedarwood and rich undertones of fresh cut evergreen balsam
Mint Julep-Fresh mint leaves, bergamot & eucalyptus
Southern Charm -Pure sugar cane, sweet orange flower & jasmine
Southern Magnolia-Classic magnolia blooms
Sweet Tea-Refreshing, freshly brewed sweet southern tea Tobacco Leaf-A fusion of sweet tobacco flower blended with earthy cedar
Vanilla Bourbon-Rich vanilla beans soaked in aged Kentucky Bourbon
Wild Blackberry-Sweet & tangy Kentucky brambleberries
Winner's Circle-Supple, warm leather with a hint of elegant red roses



Black Raspberry Tea-Ripe blackberries & herbal tea leaves
Bella Vita-Life is Beautiful and so is our luxurious blend of grapefruit & orange essential oils, cherry blossom & fresh berries
Cucumber Mint-Fresh cut cucumber, citrus & soothing mint
Coconut Lime-Island coconut with a touch of zesty lime, hints of iris & jasmine, fresh pine & tart berries Fraiche Jardin-A splendid floral medley of hyacinth, lilac & rose
Herbal Citrus-An exquisite aroma of bergamot, lavender & crushed violet petals
Honeydew Melon-Cool sun-kissed melon slices
Herbes de Provence-Lavender essential oil
Island Plumeria-Tropical flowering island blossoms
Lavender Chamomile-Lavender essential oil, chamomile & eucalyptus
Lemon Verbena-Floral verbena, citrusy lemon & grapefruit, lavender & lemongrass
Mediterranean Fig-Fresh green florals, green apple, fig & cashmere
Neroli di Orsini-Exotic Mediterranean orange blooms
Oakmoss & Amber-An enchanting fusion of rich amber, herbs and musk
Orange Vanilla-Sparkling fresh orange & smooth, creamy vanilla
Pineapple Sage-Exotic garden herbs & sweet pineapple
Passionfruit-Brazillian Orange, sweet tropical granadilla
Red Currant-Tart red berries, rosewater & jasmine
Summer Rain-White lily, tart grapefruit, tuberose & violet
Sea Spray-A refreshing ocean mist
The au Jasmine-Fresh, clean green tea, bergamot & jasmine
Tranquility-Calming patchouli, lemongrass & black currant
White Gardenia-Luxurious tropical gardenias in full bloom



Apple Pie-Mouth-watering apples, cinnamon & golden pie crust
Apple Spice-Ripe apples with a touch of spice: cinnamon, nutmeg, orange
Autumn Harvest-Spicy, sweet & complex: hints of fruit and spice
Balsam & Cinnamon-Fresh balsam & sparkling cinnamon
Banana Nut Bread-Walnuts, spices, vanilla & banana
Bayberry-Patchouli, cranberry, Ozark forest & Madagascar spices
Bella Vita-Life is beautiful and so is this luxurious blend of citrus & floral notes
Birthday Cake-Rich vanilla cake & creamy white frosting
Blueberry Cobbler-Inviting aroma of mouthwatering blueberries & baked vanilla
Blueberry Scone-Melt in your mouth scones with blueberries & cream
Bonfire Bliss-Notes of dried, wind-blown leaves, pine, cedar & toasted marshmallow; a complex and unique scent
Buttered Rum-Dark rum, sugar, cloves and butter
Cabana-A day at the beach; warm sand, salty sea spray and coconut
Cappuccino Hazelnut-Bold coffee & rich cream
Caramel Praline-Butter drenched pecans, sweet warm vanilla & dark brown sugar
Chai Tea-Nutmeg, ginger, earl grey tea, & Tahitian vanilla
Chocolate Beignet-French Quarter style beignets with toasted flaky crust & deep, dark chocolate
Chocolate Fudge-Rich bittersweet chocolate with a touch of cream
Christmas Splendor-Orange peels, cinnamon, clove & fresh pine
Cinnamon Roll-Warm cinnamon rolls fresh baked from the oven and drizzled with vanilla icing
Cinnamon Stick-Pure crisp & spicy cinnamon
Citrus Plum Berry-A fusion of fruits; cherries, peaches, pears, orange & lemon
Coconut Twist-Tropical coconut milk & cool vanilla
Coconut Lime-A refreshing fusion of coconut, sparkling lemon & lime
Cranberry Chutney-Tart cranberries, spiced apples and fresh orange peel
Crème Brulee-Silky smooth vanilla custard with toasted caramelized sugar
Cypress & Berries-Deep fresh pine infused with cedar, amber & florals
Egyptian Amber-Sandalwood, vanilla & musk
Fireside-Warm and cozy blend of amber, vetiver & musk
French Vanilla Pear-A sweet indulgence of juicy pear, aged brandy and vanilla
Frankincense & Myrrh-An ancient aroma; this fragrance is a blend of patchouli, sandalwood, and bergamot
Frosty Pine-Capture the holiday spirit with the scent of a fresh pine bough
Gardenia Blossom-Refreshing, white gardenia in full bloom
Gingerbread-Molasses, ginger and other spices baked to perfection
Grapefruit-Fresh, pink grapefruit
Holly Berry-Tart berries, plum, balsam & cinnamon
Honeydew Melon-Cool, ripe melon slices
Lavender-Lavender essential oil
Lavender & Chamomile-Soothing and delicate lavender & chamomile
Lemon Sugar-Zesty lemon and sparkling sugar cane; clean and pure
Let It Snow-An earthy smokiness from the fireplace with orange & pine notes
Mediterranean Fig-Tuscan fig ripened in the golden sun
Mistletoe-Siberian pine & fir balsam
Moon Lake Musk-Black currant, musk & patchouli
Pineapple Cilantro-Sweet fragrance pineapple & herbal cilantro
Oakmoss & Amber-Dry, woody herbs & Baltic amber
Oak Barrel Cider-Spiced apple cider & oak
Ocean-A splendid ocean mist
Orange Vanilla-A best-selling blend of orange & citrus swirled with creamy vanilla
Passionfruit & Guava-Sweet passionfruit blends well with tropical guava
Peach Nectar-Fresh, ripe southern peaches
Peppermint Bark-Mint leaf essential oils blended with bittersweet chocolate
Peppermint Swirl-Cool, crisp peppermint with a hint of vanilla
Pine Cones-Dried pine cones, snowy ozone and crisp air
Pomegranate-Sweet, juicy pomegranate & a hint of vanilla
Pumpkin Bread-Spiced fresh pumpkin and warm baked crust
Pumpkin Spice-Perfect autumn pumpkin & clove, cinnamon & vanilla spices
Rain-Clean fresh air after a summer rain with notes of jasmine, lily & grapefruit
Raspberry Lemonade-Sweet, sunny lemonade & tart raspberries
Raspberry Sangria-Red raspberries, orange slices & sweet red wine
Red Currant-Sweet, deep red currant berries harvested at their perfection
Red Velvet Cake-Cocoa powder, buttermilk & sugar cane
Rose Garden-A bouquet of elegant white roses
Silver Bells-A sleigh ride through snow covered pine trees
Southern Magnolia-Magnificent magnolia tree blooms
Sparkling Citrus-A citrus medley of orange, grapefruit & mango,
Spiced Kitchen-A year-round best seller; a kitchen full of fresh baked delicacies
Stargazer Lily-Fragrant, sensual oriental lilies
Strawberry-A ripe bowl of natural fresh strawberries
Sugar Cookie-Fresh baked cookies straight from the oven
Toasted Marshmallow-Sugary notes of warm marshmallows toasted over an open fire
Tropical Breeze-Orchid, tuberose & salty sea air
Vanilla Bliss-Classic Madagascar vanilla
Vanilla Hazelnut-Toasted hazelnuts & creamy vanilla
Verbena-Herbal and citrus; lemony fresh Verbena leaves
Winter Cottage-Cozy spices create a warm cottage glow on a snowy evening
Warm Vanilla Nutmeg-Nutmeg, cinnamon, fresh ginger & vanilla